Using BT SmartTalk On Your Mobile Phone

Written by Karen Bryan

I’d vaguely heard of the BT SmartTalk app, which enables you to use your BT landline inclusive minutes on your mobile phone.

At present, I have 2,500 minutes a month on my TalkMobile X-Large 30 Day SIM. So I wasn’t sure how useful BT SmartTalk would be, as your mobile phone has to be connected to the internet before you can use BT SmartTalk.

I decided to try decided to try BT SmartTalk for two reasons.

Firstly, the fact that 0845 and 0870 numbers are included in my BT Anytime Calls package, so I’d be able to call them free of charge using BT SmartTalk. Whereas, I would have to pay for calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers on the TalkMobile plan.

Secondly, if I could get a decent WiFi signal abroad, then I would be able to phone UK numbers free of charge through BT SmartTalk. Although I can use Three Mobile’s Feel at Home service on my other phone contract with Three to phone UK numbers, there have been times, such as when I such as when I was on the French island of Corsica, when I couldn’t get a mobile phone signal.

I started off by downloading BT SmartTalk to my mobile phone from the Google Play Store. It was quite easy to set it up. I had to use my BT ID and password. For security, there was first a phone call to my landline number giving me a four digit PIN. Next, I had to enter my mobile phone number into the BT app. Another PIN arrived by text message, then the BT TalkMobile app was activated on my mobile phone.

I also received an email and a letter through the post informing me that someone had signed up for BT TalkMobile on my BT account.

What I’m not sure about is how much data BT TalkMobile will use. That’s not a problem if I am using WiFi in a hotel or apartment. But what I’ve no idea how much data would be used if I were connected to a personal mobile hotspot.

So far, the call quality has been good on phone calls made using BT TalkMobile when using both mobile broadband and WiFi. I like the fact that the app displays whether I am using mobile data or WiFi during the call.