Too Pushy When Trying to Sell Their Extended Warranties

Written by Karen Bryan

Recently, I’ve bought several electrical products from the online retailer, including a washing machine, fridge freezer and a Humax Freesat box.

Their products are competitively priced, and offer free delivery on a weekday of your choice.

However, what I dislike about is their concerted attempts to sell their extended warranty.

With a couple of days of making the online order, sometimes even before my goods are delivered, I’ve received a phone call from pushing their extended warranty. The sales rep is always very persistent, implying that you’d be silly not to buy the extended warranty.

The AO Aftercare is touted as a lifetime warranty for the product. Under the warranty, your product is covered for unlimited approved repairs, whether caused by a fault or accidental damage. If it can’t be repaired, then the product is replaced at no additional cost.

I didn’t see why I should start paying for an extended warranty during the first year of ownership, as the products come with a minimum 12 month warranty. The Humax Freesat box came with a manufacturer’s two year warranty.

My Nationwide Flex Current Account offers an additional 12 month warranty on electrical products. So that’s a minimum of the first two years of the electrical product’s life covered.

I prefer to self-insure by putting £50 aside every month towards replacing broken down household items and home maintenance.

In my opinion, the motivation for in pushing this extended warranty is likely to be that they receive commission from the third party provider, Domestic and General Services Limited.