How to Save Money on Your Business Car Effectively

Written by Karen Bryan

Want to save money on your business car? Then read on to find out how best to achieve savings:

Install a Telematics System

Install a telematics system in your business car, and you’ll have access to information that will help you better understand driving behaviour, route information, fuel usage, location and speed. Using this information you can make informed business decisions, which could ultimately help you to make savings long-term. Such systems can be integrated with other business applications to help you give better customer service, such as accurate delivery time information.

Save on Running Costs

There are a number of ways you can save on the running costs of your car. Firstly, consider fuel, as this can have a major impact on the costs of your car over its lifetime.

Look at your options for paying for the fuel that you use. Fuel cards can provide a cost effective means to pay for your company’s fuel. There are a variety of providers available so do shop around, compare prices and weigh up the various benefits of the different fuel cards available. Fuels cards can also offer you valuable insights into your company’s fuel usage, via their online reports.

Energy Efficient Driving

Another approach you can take to saving money on fuel is to encourage energy-efficient driving techniques within your business. The Energy Saving Trust has a lot of advice available regarding hints and tips for fuel-efficient driving, from not allowing your engine to idle to keeping your tyres sufficiently pressurised and driving smoothly, slowly and in a higher gear.

Maintenance Costs

Another factor to consider is the ongoing costs of servicing and maintaining your car. Give thought to the cost of maintaining different models and makes of car, as some cost far more to maintain than others. Here too, your choice of fuel has an impact, for instance, though diesel fuel can cost less, Which? has found diesel cars to be less reliable than their traditional petrol counterparts and their repairs can be more costly. Along with your on-going maintenance costs, look carefully at your breakdown cover costs too, again shop around and be careful not to pay for additional add-ons that you don’t need.

Save on Car Insurance

Your car insurances policies represent another area you can make savings in your business. Don’t just renew your current policy, consider the alternatives. As a business owner, your custom may well be attractive to other insurers, so again shop around to find the best deal. Insurers often save their best deals for new customers, so see what they can offer you as a new customer. If you have several business cars, then look at the options for fleet insurance. Consider carefully what you need to be included in your policy and don’t pay for the additional extras that you’re not using, like legal protection, lost key cover and windscreen cover. Don’t just look at price comparison websites as they don’t include all insurance providers, talk to an experienced insurance advisor, such as the team at Call Wiser to find the policy best suited to your specific business needs.

So there you have a few pointers on how to save money on your business car, from running costs to insurance and the valuable insights provide by telematics systems, we hope you’ve found it helpful.