The Best Budget Eyebrow Pencil

Written by Karen Bryan

I don’t wear much makeup, but I do like to define my eyebrows.

Until recently I’d been using Rimmel’s brown/black eyebrow pencil, which costs £3. I was quite happy with the quality of the Rimmel product. It was a good consistency, not too hard and not to soft, making it straightforward to apply it in light short strokes, avoiding harsh solid lines. It fairly easy to sharpen the Rimmel eyebrow pencil using a standard pencil sharpener. I found the brush on the tip cover very useful.

When I spotted two eyebrow pencils for £1 in Savers, I decided to give them a try. I could only find these eyebrow pencils in black. When I tried to apply the product, i ended up with black smudges everywhere. The built in sharpener in the pencil tip cover was useless.

When I was on the Superdrug website, their own brand MUA eyebrow pencils were on offer for £1 each. I also liked the fact that the tip cover had a brush. I thought that if i bought one in blonde, then I could apply it with a mixture of the Savers black eyebrow pencil, to end up with a brown shade.

The MUA eyebrow pencil was far too soft and waxy. At that stage, i thought that i should have just stuck to the Rimmel eyebrow pencil on brown/black.

However, when I was in Poundland, I noticed Take a Brow eyebrow pencils by the Make Up Gallery on sale for £1 each. I liked the brown 2 colour, so decided to try one last alternative to the Rimmel eyebrow pencil.

The Take a Brow eyebrow pencil is really good. It is as good to apply as the Rimmel pencil, i like the shade and it is fairly easy to sharpen. The tip cover doesn’t have a brush, but the tip cover from the Rimmel eyebrow pencil fits on the Take a Brow product.