Utility Saving Expert Can Help You Save Money

Written by Karen Bryan

With the price of gas and electricity increasing, comparing energy tariffs is just one of the ways that you can save money on your utility bills. The Utility Saving Expert price comparison website enables you to quickly search through the tariffs available with various suppliers.

Utility Saving Expert was set up in 2014 by Chris Richards, a social entrepreneur. Chris’ experience in a not-for-profit organisation helping people who were in debit with local authorities, highlighted that many people in debt spend a high percentage of their income on utility bills. Chris decided on a two-pronged approach. He developed an easy to use online tool to help people find the lowest price to reduce their fuel expenditure. Plus, 10% of the profit generated by Utility Saving Expert is donated to fuel poverty related charities.

If you are on a standard tariff at present, there’s a good chance that you could save money by switching to another supplier.

I decided to road test Utility Saving Expert. It’s useful to know the name of your current supplier and how much electricity and gas you use, either by how much you spend per month, quarter or year, of in KW.

You should also think about whether you want to go for a variable or fixed rate tariff .In the past, fixed rate tariffs were usually more expensive than variable rate tariffs. But recently. I have seen one year fixed rate tariffs which are cheaper than the variable rate.

I think that is a  one year fixed rate tariff is good deal. You know that the price you pay for your gas and electricity will not increase over the next 12 months. I’m not sure if fuel prices are likely to fall in the coming  12 months, but you need to be aware that this is possible. The other thing to look out for with fixed rate tariffs is the exit fee, which you have to pay if you terminate the contract early.

On some occasions. I have fixed my gas and electricity prices for two or three years. It depends on how much more I will have to pay for the guarantee of no increase in price during the term of the contract.

The majority of the cheapest suppliers in my Utility Saving Expert search results were less well-known suppliers such as IRESA and Green Star Energy. Personally, I’d be happy enough to sign up with one of these suppliers. The energy watchdog Ofgem guarantee your supply and any credit that you have with a supplier who ceases trading.

I have personal experience of this. Just over a year ago, I signed up for a cheap one year fix with GB Energy. On the 26 November 2016, GB Energy ceased trading. However, within three days. Co-operative Energy emailed me to inform me that they were taking over my supply and honouring the GB Energy tariff.

I’ve switched gas and electricity supplier many times over the years. In nearly all cases, it has gone really smoothly. There was one small hitch with a recent switch from Scottish Power to SSE, It the new supplier took some time to find the gas meter number.

So why not compare prices for your electricity and gas now on Utility Saving Expert and start saving some money on your fuel bills.