Three Mobile Offer Existing Customers Good Discounts

Written by Karen Bryan

Last year, when the 12 months term was up on my Three Mobile SIM only contract, I was happy to continue on a flexible one month rolling plan.

The  £15 a month plan included 200 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data (with a 4GB tethering limit) suited my needs. The plan also included Three’s Feel at Home scheme, enabling me to use my UK plan in several European countries free of charge.

I had read about some Three customers who, like me, had stayed on their original plan after the initial 12 month contract expired, being told by Three that they could no longer continue on these plans, with less favourable plans being offered as an alternative.

I had a feeling this might happen to me soon. Sure enough, I recently received a letter from Three informing me that it was time to select a new contract.

The default option was an Advanced (which includes tethering and Feel at Home) All-you-can-eat-data and All-you-can-eat-minutes and texts plan for £22 a month, on a 1 month rolling contract.

Paying another £7 a month to get unlimited minutes didn’t sound very appealing to me as I rarely make calls on my mobile phone. However, the default option included up to 30GB tethering per month (in additional to unlimited data on my phone), a massive increase on my current 4GB a month tethering limit. The new plan had a 12GB data limit when using Feel at Home.

The same plan as the default was on offer for £19 a month on a 12 month contract.

There was also another option costing £18 a month on a 12 month contract where there was total data limit of 30GB (that could used through a mix of tethering and on the phone).

I decided that paying another £1 a month to get unlimited data on my phone, in addition to up to 30GB fur use as personal hotspot was a good deal.

I checked out the price for new customers of the Advanced All-you-can-eat-data and All-you-can-eat-minutes and texts SIM only plans on a 12 month contract on the Three website. The price was £32 a month, compared to the £19 option offered to me as an existing customer. That’s a saving of £12.80, around 40%, on the standard price.

It’s good that Three are making loyalty pay for existing customers.