Review of Talkmobile

Written by Karen Bryan

As the editor of two websites, I need to be able to get online to work. I like to have two SIM cards on the go with different providers to ensure that I can get online when I am out of the office.

I am happy with my Three All-You-Can-Eat data, minutes and texts 12 month contract which costs £19 a month. With that contract I have a 30GB monthly personal hotspot allowance and I can use my plan abroad in a fair number of countries through Three’s Feel at Home scheme.

My back-up option for the last 18 months has been a BT Mobile 500 GB SIM only plan which offered 200 minutes and unlimited texts for £5 a month. Discounted by £5 a month from £10 a month, as I am a BT Broadband customer. Once the initial 12 month contract expired, I was on a one month rolling contract.

I decided that I should really have a back up with a higher data limit, so I did some research into available options.

One thing that you need to check is if a mobile provider allows you to set up a mobile hotspot. I found a good deal with Virgin, but their plans don’t allow tethering.

I thought that Talkmobile, a virtual provider, which piggybacks on the Vodafone network, had some good SIM only deals. I was a bit nervous about signing up with them, as I read rather a lot of negative reviews about their customer service.

Talkmobile upped their monthly data allowance on their £15 a month X-Large 30 Day SIM to 15GB, with tethering permitted. That plan also included 2500 minutes and 5000 texts.

Although I was tempted by the £12 a month X-Large 12 month SIM, which cost £12 a month,  I didn’t want to be tied in for 12 months.

I decided to give Talkmobile a try.

I ordered the Talkmobile X-Large 30 Day SIM on a Tuesday afternoon, The SIM arrived on the Thursday. I phoned Talkmobile to activate the SIM and gave my PAC code to port (transfer) my phone number from BT Mobile to Talkmobile. The customer service rep was really helpful. She informed me that my number would be transferred by 5pm the following day (Friday).

Around 6pm on the Thursday evening, I received an email from BT Mobile informing me that my service with then was ending.

On the Friday morning, I received an email from Talkmobile regarding the direct debit I had set up for the monthly payments. It said in the email that I should check that the direct debit as active to pay the first bill, If the direct debit wasn’t active, I would need to make a manual payment by debit or credit card, for which there would be a £3.50 charge. The recommendation was to log into my Talkmobile account to check if the direct debit was active.

I was unable to log in on the Talkmobile website, as I didn’t know my account number.

I decided that Id’ better phone Talkmobile again. The customer service rep to whom I spoke was also very helpful. She gave me my account number. She also gave me a temporary password, so that I could log into my account immediately. She informed me that the direct debit was set up, and that the first bill had not yet been generated.

At 5.30pm on the Friday evening, I received an email from BT Mobile letting me know that my phone number had been successfully ported out. I switched on my mobile phone and my number had been transferred.

So far, I am very happy with Talkmobile. Their X-Large 30 Day SIM suits my needs, and their customer service has been excellent.