Huru – Are You Worried That Your Energy Prices Are About to Rise?

Written by Karen Bryan

We all worry about our energy bills. We worry about when we are going to be billed, we worry about are we getting charged too much and we worry about getting them paid.

In fact, I bet that I’m a lot like others out there. I know I should probably sit down and work out what is the best energy deal for me, research it, compare it and then make sure I keep track of it so I know when to switch again. But the reality is, that takes up a lot of time. I mean, am I really going to spend my Friday evening going over my bills and working out which energy tariff I should switch to?

This is how I stumbled upon Huru. A one stop shop to get all your utilities set up under one account with only one bill a month. It is great to help people like you and me know exactly what we are spending on water, energy and internet services each month. They send you just one bill for everything, and you can see every month what you are spending.

What is really useful though, is that Huru will keep track of what tariff you are on with your energy supplier. So, when your tariff is coming to an end, they will automatically remind you and recommend a new great deal for you.

This is really important at the moment, because there has been a lot in the news about how energy prices are rising and customers are going to be seeing big price increases in their bills. So now, more than ever, you need to know which tariff you are on and make sure you know you’re getting a good deal.

Some energy bills are set to soar by as much as £250 as price caps end, so knowing exactly what tariff you are on and when you should switch to a new fixed price contract could save you lots. This is exactly what Huru offers and what I liked about them when I first heard about it.

Most of us probably don’t know what tariff we are on, and it’s difficult to keep track of over time. Huru can set you up on a fixed price contract with no hidden fees, and when that contract comes to an end Huru will have find another great deal for you to automatically switch on to. This means you should never need to worry about paying too much and ending up on an expensive standard variable tariff again.

We would all love a little bit more in our pockets to choose to save or to spend and treat ourselves a little. The best way to achieve that is to start controlling what is going out. So, getting control of those bills that get paid every month and are a nightmare to deal with is a great place to start. Huru are a service focused on helping you do that.