Why Bother Running the Tram from the City Centre to Edinburgh Airport?

Written by Karen Bryan

It costs £1.60 for a single ticket between any two stops in Edinburgh, except for the Edinburgh Airport stop, when the price of a single ticket shoots up to £5.50 (£8.50 for a return). It’s not as though there is an express tram going to the airport, every tram halts at each stop on the route.

Why should passengers have to pay more so much more for a tram ticket to travel to the airport?

This pricing structure is incoherent, You can take a the 35 standard service Lothian bus to Edinburgh Airport from the city centre for flat fare of £1.60. This journey takes approximately 60 minutes. Unfortunately, the 35 doesn’t go along Princes Street past Waverley railway station, so it’s not that convenient for most passengers.

I really can’t see the point in the tram running from the city centre to Edinburgh Airport. The express bus costs £4.50 for a single ticket (£7.50 return). Plus, the average journey is a five minutes faster by bus.

It appears that the strategy is to charge passengers as much as possible to get the airport by public transport within a reasonable journey time, with departure and arrival at a conveniently located stop.

What annoys me even more is the fastest and most convenient option of a railway station at Edinburgh Airport doesn’t exist, even though the railway line runs close to the airport.