Many Short Term Motor Insurance Policies Exclude Unemployed Drivers

Written by Karen Bryan

I had read that being unemployed could increase the cost of your motor insurance. What I hadn’t realised was that it may also mean that you can’t get short-term motor insurance.

One of our sons recently gave up his job as a senior developer with the thought on doing some long-term travel, perhaps combined with some freelance or remote work.

He is 29 years old, but hasn’t done much driving since he passed his driving test aged 17. Therefore, he thought it would be a good idea to get some practice behind the wheel, as he may hire a car on his travels.

He enquired about refresher sessions with a driving instructor. As the cost was £50 a session, we said that he could get some practice in our car. but that we would prefer if he took stand alone short-term motor insurance, rather than adding him to our car insurance.

This was to protect the no claims discount on our motor insurance.

We though that he could come to Berwick upon Tweed for a couple of days to brush up on his driving. I looked for short-term motor insurance. It seemed very reasonably priced at around £25 for three days with Admiral.

However, when I clicked through to buy this policy, one of the conditions was that you could not apply for this cover if your were unemployed.

I thought that this was very unfair. Our son gave up his job a couple of months ago. I can’t image that his driving now will be any different to what it would have been two months ago.

On closer inspection, I doubt that we would have proceeded with the short-term insurance, even if Gary had still be employed, as there was a whopping £750 excess.