My Experience with the Candy Telecom £6 2GB SIM

Written by Karen Bryan

I’ve been looking at SIM only options for my mobile phone.

A £6 a month deal from Candy Telecom caught my eye. The package including unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 2GB of data (with tethering permitted), on a 30 day rolling contract, is normally priced at £14 a month. But Broadband Choices was offering this package for only£6 a month.

However, there is a cancellation fee of £20 if you cancel within the first 12 months. This made me categorise the deal as a 12 month contract. Still at £72 a year it sounded like a great deal.

I am currently paying £5 a month (£60 a year) for a BT Mobile SIM only package which includes 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data.  As a BT Broadband customer I received a £5 a month discount on the standard price of £10 for that package. That package started out as a 12 month contract, but as that expired, I was on a 30 day rolling contract.

Candy Telecom’s mobile service piggybacks on the Vodafone network. I was with Vodafone for a few years in the past, and was happy with their service.

I paid the initial £6 for the Candy Telecom 2GB SIM only deal with my Santander credit card on the evening of the Monday 10 January. I also had to complete a direct debit online for the subsequent £6 monthly payments.

I did feel a little uneasy completing the direct debit for a company which I hadn’t heard off, as it gives a firm the right to debit whatever they want to your current account. But you are covered by the direct debit guarantee offer a refund if an incorrect payment has been taken.

By the end of the that week the direct debit to Candy Telecom appeared in my current account.

I still hadn’t received my SIM card by Tuesday 17 January, five working days after making the order. I went to the Candy Telecom website to make contact to ask when to expect my SIM.  Although there was a live chat option, it didn’t seem to be working.

There was still no sign of the Candy Telecom SIM by Friday 20 January, so I contacted Broadband Choices by email.

Broadband Choices replied to me the following. They gave me an email address for Candy Telecom support (at) I emailed Candy Telecom. The following day I received a reply from Candy Telecom asking for my order number. I supplied this information.

When there was no further communication from Candy Telecom by 31 January, I contacted Broadband Choices again. They replied two days later suggesting that I contact Candy Telecom to request a refund.

I emailed Candy Telecom to request a refund. Let’s see if, and when, I receive the refund.

If I don’t receive the refund by mid February, I will contact Santander to request a refund on my credit card.