Advice for Privately Selling Your Car

Written by Karen Bryan

With proposed improvements to infrastructure and penalties for driving solo, many people are deliberating and have decided to sell their unnecessary cars. Unless you are fortunate enough to have something very rare or special, selling a second-hand car can be a highly competitive business. Fortunately, the internet and its plethora of selling sites make advertising easy. To ensure that both you and your buyer come away feeling happy with the sale, there are a few steps to take into consideration.

Before Advertising

Things can move every quickly in car sales, so you should be sure to do some simple housekeeping before you even advertise the car. Clean the interior, emptying out anything unnecessary. Find a neat bucket to keep the in-car kit, such as blankets etc. so it looks tidy at all times. This way you are prepared for any viewings. Also giving the outside a good clean and polish could add real value to the car. Ultimately, you want it to look its very best.
Research, research, research.

Check out the prices of other cars of the same make and age. Check whether the colour makes any difference. By spending a bit of time doing your homework, you can significantly increase the value of your car and achieve a positive relationship with buyers.

Fix scuffs or knocks. If there are small chips in the body paint or scuffs on the side, clean these up and repair them. Again, this sends the message that buyers are buying something complete and worthy.

Collate all paperwork. There is nothing more frustrating than looking for paperwork. Be sure you know where it all is before you even advertise and this way, as soon as you do have swathes of viewers, you’ll be able to make a sell quickly.

Creating Advert

Make sure you take high quality photos. Composing the picture to show the car off in a good light and uncluttered space serve to make it more appealing. Also here it pays to read through some other car ads and make sure you are using language that sells. Description with a touch of emotion is what you’re aiming for. So for example ‘set off into the sun with this…’ or ‘freewheeling with friends has never been so much fun’ can help to create an emotional connection to the car, which makes it seem more desirable. Take the time to get someone to proofread for you, so you can be assured that it contains all the information, and reads well.

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