Thank Goodness for Three Mobile’s Feel at Home

Written by Karen Bryan

three mobileThank goodness that Three Mobile’s Feel at Home scheme was recently extended to cover Greece.

I am on the Greek island of Corfu. I was supposed to fly back to Newcastle yesterday, Sunday 9 October. But my easyJet flight from Corfu to Newcastle was cancelled when a strike by Greek air traffic controllers was announced the day before my flight.

Sorting this out has entailed phone calls to the UK totalling 113 minutes.

As my Three mobile package includes 200 minutes, there is no charge for making these calls to the UK, as Three’s Feel at Home package allows me to use my UK plan in Greece for calls back to the UK.

Normally,after receiving notification of a flight cancellation, I would immediately get onto the airline’s website to re-book the next available flight. However,as I had booked the holiday through Broadway Travel, I thought that I had better contact them first.

On my first attempt, I was told that I was 18th in the queue, and decided to try again later. At the second attempt, I was 29th in the queue.

By lunch time, I realised that I was going to have to stay on hold, when I was informed that I was 16th in the queue.

I was on hold for more than 60 minutes before my call to Broadway Travel was answered. I was informed that as I had bought a dynamic package, as opposed to a package holiday, that all that Broadway Travel could do would be to try to find out about the flight options and get back to me.

When I hadn’t heard from Broadway Travel by 5pm, I decided that I’d better contact easyJet directly to try to sort it out.

I was only on hold for a few minutes before a easyJet customer service rep answered my call. The call did last quite a while as alternative flights and the option of a refund were discussed. In the end, we were booked on the easyJet flight from Corfu to Newcastle the following Sunday 16 October.

Then I had to phone the long term car park at Newcastle to inform them that I would be picking up the car one week later than planned.

Fingers crossed that there are no more hitches with my easyJet flight on Sunday. But at least I have 87 minutes remaining to try to sort it out.