Keycare Dropped from M&S Premier Car Insurance

Written by Karen Bryan

car-keysMany car insurance policies only cover you for stolen, but not lost, car keys. In reckon that it’s more likely that I’d lose my car keys than have them stolen.

Therefore, one of the benefits of having M&S Premier Car Insurance was the inclusion of Keycare. This benefit provided by a third-party, covered stolen or lost keys, (up to three per key fob, including car and house keys) replacement locks and any call out charges.

The maximum cover was for £1,000, but there was no excess to pay. If you did have to make a claim, Keycare was a separate policy, so the claim wouldn’t affect the no claims bonus on your car insurance.

As our M&S Premier Car Insurance was due to run out later this month, I started doing research into finding a good level of cover at the lowest possible price e,g, zero voluntary excess, guaranteed car hire, legal cover and protected no claims discount. M&S Premier Car Insurance also included UK and European breakdown cover.

The lowest quote that i found was £237 with Direct Line which didn’t include breakdown cover, As far as I could ascertain, it didn’t include cover for lost car keys either

Prior to phoning M&S to ask if they could beat the quote from Direct Line, I had a look on the M&S website to check their Premier Car Insurance benefits. I was annoyed that Keycare was not longer listed as a benefit. Although UK and European breakdown cover was still included.

As none of the other car insurance quotes which I’d obtained included Keycare as standard, I had a look at the Keycare website to see how see who much it would cost to buy their cover. It was £28 for one key fob, with a cover limit of £1,000.

I reckoned that it might be worth paying for Keycare separately, so I’d factor that into my calculations.

I phoned M&S to confirm that Keycare wouldn’t be included if I renewed our Premier Car Insurance Policy. They beat Direct Line’s quote by £10, so I decided to renew with M&S.

I phoned our home insurance provider Tesco Bank to ask if loss of house keys was covered under our policy. They confirmed that it was cover, but there would be an excess of £100 on any claim.

I then did some research to see if I could find a lower price than quoted by Keycare with no excess and  cover for lost house and car keys.

I discovered that holders of a Norwich and Peterborough Building Society Gold Current Account benefit from free Sentinel Gold cover, which covers loss of house and car keys. Sentinel Gold covers any registered members of your household who live permanently at your home address.. The Keycare offered by M&S Premier Car Insurance only offered one key fob with three keys attached. With Sentinel Gold you can make up to three claims per year, each with a maximum limit per claim of £600.

The Norwich and Peterborough Gold current account requires a minimum monthly funding of £500 in order to avoid the £5 monthly charge. It also offers free overseas ATM withdrawals and overseas transactions made with your debit card.

It took quite a bit of time and effort to get the bottom of what is covered by various insurance policies and work out which were most relevant to our needs.

I have a suspicion that many drivers may assume that their car insurance policy covers then for lost car keys. I recommend that you check if loss of keys is covered by your motor insurance.