Every Little Helps: Tesco Increase Price to Check Tyre Pressures by 150%

Written by Karen Bryan

We make a habit of regularly checking the tyre pressures of our Skoda Fabia at our local Tesco supermarket petrol station.

Keeping the tyres on your car at the correct pressure helps you save money on the cost of running a car..The tyres last longer, plus fuel and braking efficiency are maintained.


Last week, my husband put in the normal 20p fee to check the tyres into the machine. But no air was coming out. In fact, as he tried to put air into the first tyre to get it up to the desired pressure, all that he achieved was for some air to come out of the tyre.

It was then that I spotted that the air minimum vend price had jumped in price to 50p. This was a whopping increase of 150% in the price to check our tyres.

It seems unjustifiable for Tesco to hike the price of checking type pressures by so much. But then every little (or not so little) helps increase Tesco’s profit.