How to Save Money When Shipping Important Items

Written by Karen Bryan

parcelAs a successful business, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to send some parcels abroad. At first glance, this might sound arduous, but it’s an exciting adventure. If you can successfully ship parcels abroad, then the world really becomes your oyster, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a large multi-national.

However, many SMEs struggle to post abroad due to the associated costs that soon pile up. However, if you’re well informed, then you can avoid many of these costs. Here are just three ways to do just that.

Wrap Them Well

Regardless of other cost saving exercises that you carry out, international shipping will still be expensive. As such, the biggest cost to your business can be resending broken items. This is because, as well as annoying your customers and wasting time, you’re essentially doubling your costs. This also goes for if you ship a banned item– check before you ship.

The further your package travels, the more you’ll have to protect it. For domestic deliveries, it’s more than likely that your package will not leave the back of a van. However, for international shipments, lorries, planes, boats and vans are all expected to be involved, so you need to pack for every eventuality.

As well as using padding, wrapping paper, bubble wrap and a sturdy box, be sure to reinforce your shipment and ensure it cannot move around. You won’t add much weight, so the cost per parcel will be similar and you’ll have happier customers.

Limit Box Size

When you ship internationally, you’ll be charged by the size of the parcel you’re sending, as well as its weight. As such, limiting the box size can save you many as well as support the above. If you have a smaller box, the contents won’t be able to move around inside, meaning they also stand a better chance of arriving in good condition, it’s a win-win.

Let it Take a Little Longer

Although couriers now offer next day delivery services, you need to consider when your parcel needs to arrive. Next day delivery services are speedy, but they’re also expensive. If your parcels are non-urgent, or you can quote longer delivery times, then choose more economical options.

Experienced couriers like TNT Direct will offer everything from next day delivery to economy services. So you can choose the one at the best price point for you. Remember that you won’t have to pay the same for every item, so you can upgrade non-urgent ones.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be ready to navigate the pitfalls for shipping abroad.