How To Make Money From Your Car

Written by Karen Bryan

car-with-piggy-bankCars are costly to run. From maintenance, fuel and insurance we are constantly paying to keep them in working order. However, if we put our creative hats on we can actually use our cars to earn extra cash. There are several ways you can make cash using your car and below is a short list of just a few.

Become A Courier

If you have extra time why not consider becoming a part-time courier. All you need is your car, insurance and your phone and you are good to go. You can start small with parcels etc just in your area. Put up notices in your local supermarket, create social media accounts or advertise in the local paper. You can also sign up to websites like Shiply to find local deliveries and customers. Shiply lets you bid for deliveries and you only pay once work has been secured.

Rent It Out

Is your car often idle for a long time, while you’re at work or away? Then rent it out to others for extra cash. You can join websites like easyCar club where you can earn up to almost £3000 a year from renting out your car.

Advertising Space

You can potentially wrap your car or van in advertising for a local business at a fee. This doesn’t require much effort from you. They supply the wrap, fit it themselves and pay you for it. As long as it doesn’t bother you having your car covered this is definitely a good earner. You might even be lucky enough to get freebies or discounts from the company whose advertisement you stick to your car.

Sell It

Is your car far too costly for the benefits you get from it? Do you really need it? Can you walk or take public transport instead? Or perhaps you don’t need a car as big? If any of these are true, then sell your car. You can sell it privately and cut out any unnecessary extra fees.