50p Off EuroMillions Entry with Lottoland

Written by Karen Bryan

uk-50p-coinsSince the 23rd of September the cost of entry to the EuroMillions lottery has risen from £2.00 to £2.50, meaning players across the UK have to pay 25% more for each ticket they buy.

However, thanks to Lottoland you can continue to play EuroMillions for £2.00.

By playing online through Lottoland you can enjoy the full EuroMillions draw, including the jackpot and lower prize tiers. This isn’t a short term promotion, Lottoland is committed to giving its players the best lottery experience, so they can enjoy Europe’s favourite jackpot at a more affordable price.

Click here to play the EuroMillions lottery for £2.00.

That’s not all, Lottoland regularly offer EuroMillions Special Jackpots, which dwarf the main jackpot by tens of millions. For example, a recent Lottoland Special Jackpot offered customers the chance to win £100 million, compared to the £12 million jackpot available through other lottery organisations.

Plus, Lottoland offers a Double Jackpot feature as standard, and this can be added to every single lottery line you buy. This gives players to opportunity to double the size of any jackpot they want, whenever they want, giving them the freedom to win bigger.

Lottoland is also home to over twenty international lotteries, giving its customers the chance to play the biggest jackpots in the world. Their roster of lottos includes the amazing American PowerBall and MegaMillions jackpots, which frequently boast prizes of several hundred million pounds.
There is also famous Spanish Christmas Lottery, El Gordo, which is the largest lottery draw in the world, with a yearly prize of over £1 billion.

How is this possible? Unlike unlicensed and unregulated ticket resellers, Lottoland instead offers lottery betting. Players choose their numbers in the same way they would pick a lottery ticket, but instead of entering the draw, they bet on the outcome. If their numbers match those in the official draw they’ll win the same prizes, whether it’s a few pounds or a £100 million jackpot.

Lottoland are fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.