Review of the Workfast Online Workplace Market

Written by Karen Bryan

workfastIt’s getting simpler and quicker to find work with online temp agencies such as Workfast. You can use Workfast either on your laptop, or download the app to your mobile phone or tablet, from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Once you have registered and set up a worker profile on Workfast, you can start bidding for work.

You can choose when you want to work, in which location you wish to work and for whom you wish to work. You may prefer the variety of  different workplaces, be testing the water before setting up your own business, or just looking to earn some extra money.

Listed jobs display a job description, the hours and/or days required and the rate on pay offered by the employer. You can ask questions about the job. Then you can make a bid for any listed jobs which appeal to you.

You may decide to set your rate of pay lower than the rate listed in the job spec, in order to increase the chance of getting work.

Or you may decide, especially if you have specific skills which are in high demand, to request a higher rate of pay than is stated in the job listing.

Then you wait to see if you hear back from the employer. If the employer gets in touch. you finalise the agreement with the employer.

You’ll be paid at the end of your shift. This is a big bonus, rather than having to submit invoices and then waiting to be paid.

Workfast offers workers two options. You can either be a contractor, or become a Workfast employee.

With Workfast, employers don’t pay any fees for listing, signing up or engaging workers. It’s workers who pay fees. Independent contractors pay a 15% service fee, to cover insurances and running costs. Workfast employees pay a service fee of 25% to cover pension contributions, income tax, insurances and running costs.

Workers need to factor in these fees when deciding on the rate of pay that they agree with an employer.

From one perspective, it’s more of a technicality whether the employer or the worker pays an online temp agency’s fees. The employer either pays the online temp agency’s fees directly to the agency, or pays a higher rate of pay to workers to cover the agency fees charged to the worker.

On the other hand the Workfast model of the worker paying the fees, does put some pressure on workers, as adding the Workfast fee to their hourly rate of pay makes their rate of pay look higher to employers.

Workers and employees can rate each other on Workfast. Getting positive feedback will probably lead to more work offers for workers, and possibly a higher rate of pay. While, positive reviews for employers could mean them getting more bids on the work which they offer.