Simples Helps Make Insurance Straightforward

Written by Karen Bryan

If you’ve ever had that sinking feeling, wondering where on earth you put your insurance policy documents when you need to check something, help is at hand.

Last week, I attended an event for bloggers in London to try out the new Simples tool from

simples home page

Simples can help you to quickly and easily organise your insurance policies. No more searching through piles of paperwork to find your policy details.

You don’t even need to be a customer in order to use Simples. You only need to create a login for, then go to

If you have bought home, car or travel insurance through, then Simples will automatically retrieve your policy details.

Any polices not purchased through can be uploaded to the service in the following ways:

  1. Upload photos.
  2. Upload a pdf.
  3. Email your policy documents to Simples.

You will receive an email once your policy details have been uploaded to Simples.

I added our home and car insurance  policies by uploading photos.

I had taken photos of our home insurance documents, and uploaded them to Flickr, before I left home. At the event, I downloaded the photos from Flickr to my Chromebook, and then uploaded the photos to Simples.

I had taken a printout of our car insurance policy to the event. After logging into Simples on my mobile phone, I took photos of the policy document with the camera on my mobile phone, and then uploaded them to Simples.

Within a few minutes, my policies were listed on Simples, with a summary of the cover.

There was also the date of expiry of our car’s MOT; helping avoid driving without a valid MOT certificate.

Once you have uploaded your insurance policy details to Simples, you can then use the very nifty text message facility to ask questions about your policies. For example, when does your cover expire, or the contact phone number for the insurance company etc.

simples sms chat

I thought that this could be very useful if you were out and about and wanted to check something, or  make a claim on your policy.

Simples is in beta, so it needs a few tweaks. The bloggers attending the event offered comments on using Simples, and suggestions on how to improve the Simples tool.

In the photo below from left to right, Becky Goddard-Hill – Baby Budgeting, Adam Piplica – Magical Penny, Tom Briggs – Diary of the Dad and Lynn James –  Mrs. MummyPenny. Also at the event, but not in my photo, was Jo Middleton – Slummy Single Mummy.

bloggers testing of simples

If you’d like to organise your insurance policies, why not just go to now and upload your policy documents.

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