Halifax Balance Extra

Written by Karen Bryan

Halifax logoWhen I logged into my Halifax Reward current accountt, I noticed a green box, below the account summary, which gave the estimated cash left until payday.

I was curious how Halifax had worked this out this amount, so I clicked on the box.

This took me to a page explaining the ‘Halifax Balance Extra’ function.

All your pending credit and debit card transactions. monthly direct debit and standing orders are added up, and then deducted from your current balance. The amount remaining is then highlighted as the cash left until your next payday.

My payday was correctly assumed to be on the 5th of the month, the day on which my monthly annuity payment arrives into my current account.

I didn’t find the Halifax Balance Extra function that useful to me, as I always leave a buffer of a least £200 in my current account to ensure that I don’t inadvertently go overdrawn.

However if could be useful to some customers if it helps then avoid paying overdraft charges.