The Access Bank UK Pays Top Rates on Two and Three Year Bonds

Written by Karen Bryan

fan of £10 notesIf you are looking for the highest rates of interest on two and three-year fixed rate online savings bonds, then you should take a look at The Access Bank UK products.

The Access Bank UK Two Year Fixed Rate Bond pays 2.4%. The Access Bank UK Three Year Fixed Rate bond pays 2.7%.

The minimum deposit for either account is £5,000.

I hadn’t heard of The Access Bank UK. I checked out that it is covered by the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Many of the top paying savings accounts appear to be with less well-known banks e.g. State Bank of India and United Trust Bank.

As long my savings are covered by the FSCS, I will go for the account which pays the highest rate of interest.

Rates of interest correct on 17 February 2016.