How to Sell Your House Quickly in 2016

Written by Karen Bryan

house for saleIf 2016 is the year you plan to move on and you know you need to sell your house quickly then take a look at this run through on how best to achieve a quick sale and hop on to the next rung on the property ladder with minimal hassle.

House buyers and sellers don’t want to hang around in this day and age, we want everything instant, online and ready to go – so follow these tips for a quick sale in 2016.

You Need to Prep your Property

And we don’t just mean dust before the potential buyer pops in to view the house, you need to ensure your property is in good order to guarantee a quick sale. This means everything from cleaning the kitchen floor, to fixing cupboard doors to pressure washing the patio if it’s become a bit mossy. If your property looks immediately visually appealing, you will receive a much better response – and a figure closer to the asking price.

Don’t Overprice your Property

A big mistake many sellers make which hinders the sale of a property is to over price their home. If a potential buyer walks in and doesn’t think it’s worth the price tag, others will more than likely feel the same way, so it’s important not to go overboard when making a decision on what to sell your property for. Most buyers are willing to negotiate, so you could go just a little higher to reach your asking price.

Consider an Open House Event

Still considered more of an American tactic, an open house is actually fairly effective in engaging buyers. It sets up a date and a free rein on times to visit, you can be there or leave the property for a few hours while your estate agent takes groups of people round. It also offers convenience when it comes to cleaning your home, with a viewing every day you have to ensure everything looks tidy and unlived in, while with an open house you only (hopefully) have to scrub the place up once.

Choose the Right Estate Agent

Or don’t opt for an estate agent at all. More and more people are choosing quicker, more cost-effective ways of selling their home either through a cash buy service such as We Buy Any Home, or even an online estate agent. These services aim to sell your house within as little as two weeks and get you moving on quickly – but bear in mind you could end up taking less than your preferred price.

Be Pleasant at Viewings

Even though the potential buyer won’t be living with you once they purchase the property, being rude or abrasive when they view the property won’t do you any favours. It sounds like a silly tip but you should always be as helpful as possible, make them feel welcome and ‘at home’, have all the relevant documents and paperwork to hand (boiler checks, gas and electric bills from past year) for them to browse through and ensure they leave happy. It could make all the difference.