Creating Art for Under £10

Written by Karen Bryan

I decided to finally take my own advice to unleash my creativity. I’ve attended some free art workshops over the years, which I really enjoyed. But I made excuses about being too busy with my online publishing business, plus not wanting to spend the money on materials.

I discovered that, supposedly needing to spend a lot of money to get started,  is a myth.

Based on my experience, here are my tips on how you can start creating art for under £10.

£4: Gouache Tempera Paints – Set of 12 including free paintbrush on Amazon

gouache tempera watercolour set - craeting art from under £10

I liked the colour selection in this set. I think that having at least one decent brush is essential for starting to paint. A cheap and nasty brush, like the one which came with the Home Bargains watercolour set below, is really useless. It can make you think that you will never be able to paint.

£2.80: Berol 24 Jumbo Oil Pastels on Amazon

These oil pastels offer a selection of vivid colours. I often start creating a picture by drawing with these crayons.

jumbo wax pastels - creating art for under £10

£0.79 – Home Bargains watercolours set of 12

This 12 colour watercolour set from Home Bargains is excellent value for money. The colours aren’t as bright as the gouache set, but are good for bases and backgrounds.

home bargains 12 watercolours

£0.79 – Home Bargains metallic card 20 sheets

So far, I’ve used this to cut out shapes such as flower petals and leaves.

£0.89 – Home Bargains card 20 sheets

I’ve also used this card to paint on and to cut out shapes, as well as for painting on, as an alternative to standard paper.

Total spend = £9.27

I used the gouache tempera watercolours, metallic and coloured card to create my first piece of art ‘Yellow Flowers’ on a standard A4 sheet of a paper, the type that I use in my printer. I used a glue stick which I already had in the office to stick on the card petals, stems and leaves.

yellow flowers - creating art for under £10

For the ‘Daisies’ picture below, I used only oil pastels, again on a sheet of standard A4 printer paper.

daisies created with oil pastels - creating art for under £10

Once you have experimented with creating art for under £10, you can decide if you wish to continue.

In a my article on setting up a home art studio, I discuss which supplies, such as a larger sheet size waterolour pad, canvases and acrylic paints, you could buy to progress your art. In further articles I’ll be describing some of my techniques, and showing you more of my work.