Social Trading: Can You Make Money by Copying Other Investors?

Written by Karen Bryan

£10 and £20 notes alternative 240It sounds like an intuitive idea. There are master traders around the world, making tons of money. If you copy their investments, you can take advantage of what they know. It makes almost too much sense – surely there’s a downside?

Actually, the concept is rapidly being proven as the most successful way to get started in the markets. Social trading is the next big thing for investors, and with social trading platforms easily accessible, you can get in on it too.

What is social trading?

Since the advent of social media, the way society works has changed completely. Everything from social arrangements to how we do business has been transformed. Trading is not being left behind.

Social trading takes advantage of the immediate sharing possible through social media. Platforms give investors access to a live feed of trades taking place around the world. The current activity of market experts is made available, with the easy option to copy the trades that make them truly exceptional.

A new learning curve

It’s long been known that it’s only the very best traders who make significant money. However, social trading has changed that.

The knowledge that those at the top of the market share, is now accessible to everyone. This does not simply mean that we can copy them and succeed. It means we can now learn what it is that makes them successful.

With social trading, more and more investors are becoming experts and making money.

Their mastery is your gain

The more experts there are, and the more insights they collect and share, the more the rest of the market can benefit. It’s not only the rookies that gain. Now that the masters have immediate access to each other’s trades, they can learn from and play off each other.

Since the investment game varies extensively from one trader to the next, a larger pool of expert traders means every aspect of the market is covered.

Every type of investor is covered

While everyone is looking to copy the trades of a master, not everyone is looking for the same master. Social trading makes it possible for you to find the investor who suits your comfort level in taking risks.

Furthermore, you’ll have your own interests in the market. If your area of specialty is the tech industry, that’s where you’re most likely to make money. It makes sense for you to identify the traders who share the same field of expertise.

Social trading platforms make it simple and convenient

Social trading has made it really easy to break into the markets, and the platforms available make getting involved incredibly simple and convenient. It takes almost no time to master the process, making it possible to go from untrained to trader in days.

As you grow in expertise, you can become one of the traders leading the way. Sharing is fun and highly gratifying, especially when your decisions are benefitting others.

Can you make money from copying the experts? You could. Social trading is the next big thing, and it’s happening now.