New giffgaff PAYG Sims

Written by Karen Bryan

giffgaffsimThere is a range of new giffgaff  PAYG Sims (goodybags). From 2 September 2015, their goodybags offer 4G and the ability to tether (set up you own WiFi hotspot using mobile broadband).

As I mainly use my mobile phone for data, I had a look at the £20 goodybag which offers ‘Always On Data’, plus unlimited minutes and texts. The ‘Always On Data’ gives you the first 6GB per month at 4G speeds and permits tethering. But if you go over the 6GB limit, then your connection speed is reduced to 256kbs between 8am to midnight.

I doubt if I’d reach the 6GB limit most months, but in a month when I was out of the office a lot, I’d find the reduced speed very frustrating. I think it’d be fairer to allow a rollover for a least one month, allowing you to carry forward any unused portion of the 6GB limit to the following month.

I’m currently in a 12 month Sim only contract with Three Mobile which cost £15 (the price has now increased to £17). This plan offers me unlimited data on my phone with no speed reductions, plus 200 minutes and unlimited texts. However, the Three plan only allows 4GB of tethering on their Sim only deals.

The Three Mobile Sim only unlimited data with 200 minutes and unlimited texts costs £20 on a monthly basis.

The big advantage of being with Three is their ‘Feel at Home’ scheme which allows you to use your UK plan free of charge in 18 countries, including many popular holiday destinations such as the US, France, Spain and Italy. However, you can’t use tethering when using ‘Feel at Home’ and the unlimited data is restricted to 25GB a month.

If you will predominantly use your mobile phone in the UK, make lots of calls and use a fair amount of data through tethering, the new giffgaff PAYG Sim £20 goodybag is probably the better option. Whereas, if you use your phone abroad a few times a year, don’t use many minutes and use lots of data on your phone, the Three Mobile for either £17 a month on a 12 month contract, or £20 a month on a monthly basis, looks more suited to your needs.