4 Ways To Increase Your Brand Presence Offline

Written by Karen Bryan

businesscard1A huge amount of brand marketing is done online these days, from extensive social media campaigning to online advertising. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect offline marketing of your business – it’s a fantastic way of creating brand awareness that can, in fact, lead people to your online content as well.

Here are four brilliant ways to increase your offline presence.

1 Always Have Business Cards

If you’re looking for a physical item to promote your company, the first thing that should come to mind is a card. Create a professional business card from a company such as Helloprint and get a set printed, then use them to help spread the word. This can be done naturally at a networking event, after a sales pitch, at a social occasion or elsewhere. Often friends and family are happy to have a handful in their purse or wallet too, so they can be shared easily if the opportunity arises. It’s also worth leaving a stack of business cards where your target audience can find them so they can take one if they like, as it makes for less pressure.

2 Contribute to Media Publications

Getting your business into print is a great exercise. For small start-ups, it could be that local newspapers are the focus, whereas a more established brand might look at national media. It’s also worth contributing to trade journals and magazines. These allow you to reach your specific audience and the readers will be more attentive – it’s not a 140 character tweet they’re reading, but something in-depth on a topic in which they’re genuinely interested.

3. Offer Freebies

Giving a potential customer a slice of the action is a wonderful way to gain a strong following. A good example could be a food business – have someone standing in a popular location offering free samples of delicious food. If they like what’s been offered, they can be pointed in the right direction to buy more. Another avenue for food brands – though this could work for a variety of business types – is to attend a dedicated festival or fair, since food lovers will be there in droves.

4. Join the British Chambers of Commerce

The British Chambers of Commerce is the voice of British business. It helps thousands of companies – brand-new small businesses as well as more established ones – to thrive and develop, with practical advice and support. It’s well worth joining the ranks of people who use their local services.

Combine the above ideas to create an offline strategy that’s got plenty of promise. Don’t forget that these methods will undoubtedly lead people to your online branding too – a business card could promote a Facebook page, or a delighted customer might Instagram a scrumptious bit of food they’ve enjoyed.