£3 Tickets for the Globe Theatre in London

Written by Karen Bryan

A couple of weeks before I visit London, I usually have a rake around to see if I can find any cheap theatre tickets. In my experience, lastminute.com offer the best deals, but I also check on the theatre’s own website before booking.

I’m a bit more confident booking the lowest price London theatre tickets which I can find, as, so far, I’ve never had a terrible seat.

I spotted cheap tickets for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on lastminute.com, priced at only £3 to stand in the Yard for The Oresteia (an ancient Greek trilogy).

shakespeare's globe theatre london

I wasn’t sure how my legs would bear up to this three act play, but I thought I’d give it a try, especially as a ticket in the seated area cost £25.

I checked out the Globe theatre’s website. They offered £5 standing tickets, but there was an additional £2.50 transaction fee. It was a much better deal to buy through lastminute.com, as the price of £3 included booking and credit card fee.

I decided to go for the 18.30 Sunday performance of The Oresteia at the Globe Theatre. There was a performance at 13.00, but I thought that it could possibly be a bit hot for me then. Maybe thoughts of sunburn are a little optimistic. Who knows with the British weather.