Two More Instances of Not Being Able to Cancel Services Online

Written by Karen Bryan

laptopSince writing the article “If You Open an Account Online You Should Be Able to Close it Online” with regard to my Halifax Regular Saver account, I’ve encountered another two similar situations.

In January we signed up for a 12 month  contract with BT for a landline, UK  call package and Infinity fibre broadband. As BT were offering free BT Sport, I decided to activate that option online in case the service showed any tennis matches. As I haven’t watched anything on BT Sport over the last 6 months, when I read that BT were going to start charging £5 a month for the service, I decided to cancel it.

In my opinion, it’s wrong that a company should be allowed to start charging you for something it offered free. The law should be changed so that the customer needs to opt-in to receive the chargeable service.

I logged into my BT account but couldn’t find a way to cancel BT Sport online. It appeared as though I’d need to phone BT to cancel.

It was so difficult to cancel BT Sport on the phone. The customer service (or should I say sales) rep made repeated attempts to get me to sign up to BT TV and to downgrade to some slimmed down version BT Sport which would still be free.

My other recent experience on not being able to cancel a service online was with the credit reference agency Experian. I received a free 12 month subscription to Experian’s CreditExpert in order to review the service. After writing my reviews, I decided to cancel my subscription. This was because I had to give my credit card details in order to set up the CreditExpert account online, and I didn’t want to end up being charged once the free trial was up.

I logged into my CreditExpert account, but it said that I could only cancel by phone. The reason given for this was for security. Surely as I was logged into the CreditExpert site, there shouldn’t have been any issue with security?

It took a while to cancel my subscription over the phone. I was informed that I didn’t need to cancel, as my account would expire at the end of the free 12 month period. However, as Experian had my credit card information, I didn’t want to take the risk of being charged and spend more time having to phone Experian again to request a refund.

Now in both these cases, I felt that I wasted quite a bit of time cancelling services by phone. Plus with BT, I had to listen to a sales spiel. It should be mandatory that when you sign up for a service online, you should be able to cancel it online.