Money Saving Advice

Written by Karen Bryan

money saving adviceIt’s more important to stay frugal and try to save some pennies wherever we can. Below there are a is our money-saving advice to help guide you.

Observe and Monitor Your Spending

Make sure you keep a record of all the spending you do throughout the day. The best and easiest way to do this is to keep all of your receipts. Then at the end of every week go through these and add up all of your spending. Take a look through these receipts and see where you are spending the most money and where you are able to cut back. If you work during the week grabbing lunch is often a big expense that can be avoided with some careful preparation. The majority of people will be shocked how much they spend on lunch, snacks or a coffee. Taking these with you will save you so much over time.

Make Use of the Internet and Phone Apps

There are so many ways for you to save money right at your fingertips. There are voucher apps and discount apps where you can enter in a location and save a fortune on anything from haircuts to holidays. You can avoid a monthly gym fee by utilising YouTube; ranging from Pilates to strength training, there are hundreds of routines available that you can do for free from the comfort of your own home. Similarly there are countless free apps providing you with individual training instructions. Avoiding signing up to a year’s contract for something that often doesn’t get utilised can save you hundreds of pounds over the year. People often end up being tied into a year contract for something they aren’t even using.

Shop Around

If you are going to buy anything of substantial value then shop around. Look online to search for any items that you may need, you will be surprised how much money you could save just by browsing for 10 minutes, particularly on those expensive objects. TV’s and other big electrical items are constantly on offer. This is also true when you are looking for a credit card or a secured loan. Taking some time to do your research, will possibly save you a large amount of cash in the long run.

Be Prepared

For saving money within the home planning your meals for the week is one certain way to save money and avoid waste. This could take a bit of time, but is worth it for the amount you save on food. Choose your meals for the week and make notes of the required ingredients and do your weeks food shop based on this and don’t stray from it. This guarantees you are obtaining only what you need at the store and evades those compulsion buys that we are all remorseful of. Doing an online grocery shop means you can control what you spend easily. You can take items off before going to the checkout before you finalise your order, this is also a very easy way of finding what’s on offer in store that week. When cooking make larger portions and freeze for speedy meals on the go. We toss out about a fifth of the total food we buy each month which is so wasteful; being organised can avoid this and save money.

Keep Receipts

Keep a binder of your receipts and return anything you don’t want. Often people buy something on impulse that we end up not using, how wasteful! This is also significant when it comes to the guarantees that come with higher priced pieces, make sure you retain accounts of your acquisitions in order to return any defective things without any quarrel.