Thank You Three Mobile Customer Service

Written by Karen Bryan

three mobileOne of the big attractions of being with Three Mobile is that you can use your UK plan abroad in 18 countries with no additional charges through their ‘Feel at Home’ scheme.

As France is one of these countries,  I switched on my mobile phone on arrival at Marseille Airport, expecting to be able to get online.

However, my phone kept displaying either ‘No Service’ or ‘Emergency Calls Only’. I was mystified, as I’d used Three’s ‘Feel at Home’ when I was in the US last year.

Initially, I thought that the signal at the airport might be poor. However, I still couldn’t access any service once I was in Marseille city centre.

Once online on my netbook on the free WiFi in our accommodation, I tweeted Three Mobile to ask for assistance. One of the things that they asked me was if I’d activated international roaming before leaving the UK. It was then that I twigged that I’d used a PAYG All in One 15 Add-on when in the US, but had since changed to a Three pay monthly contract and I hadn’t activated  international use on the new account.

As I’d forgotten my Three Mobile online account password, I couldn’t access my account to make this change. When I tried to reset the password, the new password was sent to me by text, which I couldn’t receive.

On Twitter, I was advised to email Three Mobile to ask if they could change the settings on my account to allow me to access ‘Feel at Home’.

The following day, I received a reply to my email informing me that my account had been enabled for international roaming and that it should be active within a couple of hours.

I was grateful to Three Mobile customer service department for sorting this out for me. It was great to able to get online when I was out and about in Marseille, rather than being dependent on the WiFi at our accommodation.

My advice is to remember to set up international roaming on your Three Mobile online account before leaving the UK, so that you can use Feel at Home as soon as you arrive in any of the participating countries.