Increase Your Home Equity With a Pre-sale Makeover

Written by Karen Bryan

home makeoverIs it time to sell your home? We all want to achieve the best price possible for our home. However not everyone values your home as much as you do and it is very likely that you will receive a few low-ball offers.

To overcome this problem and to increase the equity in your home, consider investing in a pre-sale makeover, which might cost you some money upfront, but will be well worth it when you home sells for your asking price or even above this value.

For a pre-sale makeover to add equity to your home, you need to focus on these three key areas:

Low maintenance sells houses

No-one wants to move into a home that looks like it will take a lot of time and money to maintain. So take a serious look around your home and fix everything that has been on your maintenance and fix-it list, but you haven’t had the time to address yet.

Also, if your agent believes that replacing your old kitchen or bathroom will sell your home faster and give you a positive return on your money, then give this some serious consideration. This is because many buyers don’t want to be faced with a kitchen or bathroom renovation, so if the work is already completed, this improves your selling point.

Curb appeal adds a positive impact

Don’t be the ugly duckling on the street – unless you want to sell a renovators delight. So at the very least make sure that your front garden is clean and tidy, remove any weeds and dead plants and water blast the driveway so it gives a good first impression.

Replanting and erecting screens to hide the garbage bins are also great tips to improve your curb appeal. Don’t forget to clean all of your windows, make your entranceway look inviting with a fresh coat of paint and clean away all those cobwebs.

Lots of space and light

Inside your home, you need to de-clutter all of your personal possessions and judiciously remove enough furniture so that your home looks lived in and comfortable, but not over-filled with your belongings. A fresh coat of paint in a neutral shade helps to give space and light to your interior rooms as well.

Rather than being overwhelmed by someone else’s lifestyle, having lots of space and light in your home helps prospective buyers to imagine their own furniture and belongings in your home, which is a positive step towards putting in a realistic offer.

Once you have your home ready for sale, make sure to ask about a home loan from Newcastle Permanent so you can start looking for your next property immediately.