Beware of Vodafone’s Disappearing Discount

Written by Karen Bryan

vodafoneWhen I checked my Santander 123 Current Account, I was surprised that the monthly amount I’d paid for my Vodafone mobile phone contract had increased by almost £9.

I logged into my Vodafone account to check the bill. The reason for the increase was that the £8.75 monthly discount, agreed at the start of my 24 month mobile phone contract in mid May 2013, had not been applied.

I contacted Vodafone through online chat to query this and request a refund for the £8.75.

I was informed that any discount is not applied for the last three months of a contract in order to improve the upgrade options available to customers and that I was lucky to have received the discount for the previous two months.

As I wasn’t informed of the withdrawal of the discount for the last three months when I took out the contract, I viewed this as a breach of contract and requested that the £8.75 discount be credited to my account.

After almost one hour on chat it was eventually agreed, after the chat agent consulted with their manager, that a credit of £8.75 would be applied to my next and final Vodafone bill.

I requested that a copy of the online chat be emailed to me. I wanted to have a written record in case the credit doesn’t appear on the final bill.

I was left questioning whether it was worth spending one hour to get a credit of £8.75.  For me, it was the principle that Vodafone shouldn’t be allowed to get away with not honouring the discount for the whole contract. However, it’s really annoying to spend time sorting out something that should’ve never happened in the first place.

With so many bills being online and paid by direct debit, it’s all too easy for suppliers to get away with ploys like this.

My advice is to ensure that you check your bank statement at least once a month and chase up any unusual payments.