Vodafone Misleading Customers During Sales Calls

Written by Karen Bryan

vodafoneI recently received a call from Vodafone, with whom I have a monthly mobile phone contract. You know the call that starts off purporting to be about asking you if you are happy with your current service, but soon moves on to a sales pitch.

During the call, the sales rep was trying to persuade me to upgrade my package to include a MiFi device. You insert a SIM card into this device and then you can use your data allowance to set up a personal WiFi hotspot to which you can connect several devices.

I replied that I didn’t require a MiFi device, as I could set up a personal WiFi hotpost by tethering on my mobile phone. I’m familiar with MiFi as I’ve used one in Belgium, provided by the host when I was on a press trip for my travel blog.

The Vodafone sales rep told me that my data would go further using a MiFi device than by tethering. I didn’t understand how this was possible, as they are both just methods of transmitting the data (I later verified this to be the case with our son who is a telecoms engineer). I know that one advantage of a MiFi device is avoiding draining your mobile phone battery in order to transmit the WiFi hotspot through tethering. However, the last thing I want when travelling is yet another device to carry with me.

I next told that sales rep that I didn’t like the fact that Vodafone don’t offer any unlimited data plans. Whereas, Three Mobile offer an unlimited data package (for use on your phone but it does permit 4GBs of tethering) for £15 a month. Plus, you can use your UK package abroad free of charge in 16 countries through Three Mobile’s ‘Feel at Home’ scheme. The sales rep responded by saying that Vodafone offered better mobile broadband than Three Mobile. That hasn’t been my experience. I’ve had issues in getting a decent signal with both providers.

Vodafone you need to clean up your act.