Using ebookers Bonus+

Written by Karen Bryan

The ebookers Bonus+ scheme offers discounts on hotels, packaged trips and flights. It starts off with a discount of 3% on hotels, 2% on packaged trips add 1% on flights.

ebookers bonus

As the discount is only applicable on your next booking, it’s a marketing ploy to get you to make your next booking on ebookers. However, I was able to use Bonus+ to get a further discount in addition to a 20% off hotel booking promotions.

I was looking for hotels for my trip to Marseille and Nice in April. As usual, I began my search on the price comparison site. I identified hotels in a central location that had good reviews and cost under £50 a night. I took a note of possible hotels.

I then checked the price on the hotels’ own websites.

My next step was a visit to the website to see which travel sites were offering the highest cashback on these hotels. As ebookers was offering 11.5% cashback on hotel bookings, I clicked through to their site. The ebookers homepage was advertising a ‘Crazy Weekend’ promotion of 20% off selected hotel bookings. I knew that if I used the 20% off code, I wouldn’t earn cashback on the booking. But that was a no-brainer, with the 20% discount being higher than the 11.5% cashback.

I booked a hotel in Marseille on ebookers, after checking that I couldn’t find a lower price on any other travel sites. That booking generated an eBookers Bonus+ of £5.40 (3% of the  value of the booking).

Using the 20% off code and the Bonus+ credit,  I found a hotel in Nice on eBookers for a much lower price than on any other site.

Don’t be lured into making a booking because you have some credit in a loyalty scheme, such as ebookers Bonus+, to use toward a booking on that site. You need to spend some time doing research on other travel sites to find the lowest possible price.