Why I Decided to Buy a Phablet

Written by Karen Bryan

sony xperia z ultra portrait in handA phablet is a the nickname for a mobile phone with such a large screen that it’s almost the size of a small tablet.

I’ve been swithering about replacing my mobile phone for some time. I was attracted to a larger screen, to make it easier to use the on-screen qwerty keyboard and read text on the screen. However, the high price of mobile phones with large screen deterred me from upgrading my phone.

Then I thought maybe I should buy a tablet, as they seemed reasonably priced for their screen size. Closer investigation revealed that the cheaper tablets only offered WiFi connection, which would limit their use.

I’d also decided that I’d prefer a mobile phone which was 4G enabled. so I could pick up a faster mobile broadband signal. This increased the price of a mobile phone.

Using 4G would probably mean that I’d use more data, plus I might want to use tethering (create a personal WiFi hotspot to connect other devices) to get online with my netbook when travelling.

I knew that most unlimited data SIMs and contracts only applied to mobile phone usage, and that tethering was either forbidden or restricted.

This made me think that if I bought a mobile phone with a large screen, I’d be able to access unlimited data for the same price that I’d pay for few GBs a month for a tablet SIM or contract.

I took the plunge and purchased a Sony Xperia Z Ultra with a 6..4″ screen for £240 from Handtec.co.uk.

I’m very happy with the phone. I wish that I’d bought a larger screen phone earlier. It’s so much easier for emailing, uploading photos and browsing. I don’t find the portability an issue as it easily fits in my handbag. I’ve always used both hands to type on the qwerty screen on my previous mobile phones.