Lodging a Missing Cashback Claim with TopCashBack.co.uk

Written by Karen Bryan

topcashbackThree weeks prior to our trip to Chicago, I booked single trip travel insurance with Aviva. I selected their policy as it offered travel disruption cover including ash cloud. The Aviva cover wasn’t the cheapest, but with the Bardarbunga volcano on red alert. I thought it was worth paying a bit more to ensure that we wouldn’t end up out-of-pocket. As our flight home would be with an non-EU airline from a non-EU airport, we would have been responsible for additional costs incurred if our flight had been delayed.

I booked the Aviva travel insurance through a link on the TopCashBack.co.uk website, which was offering £9.45 cashback on a single trip policy.

As soon as I booked, I realised that I’d made a mistake with the dates. Our return flight departed from Chicago on 20 September, so I’d entered that as the end date of the policy. However, our arrival back in the UK was on the morning of 21 September. I phoned Aviva to ask if they could amend the policy. They told me that they couldn’t do this and I would have to cancel that policy and buy a new one for the correct dates, which I did.

At the stage the £9.45 was shown as pending in my TopCashback.co.uk account. However a few days later, the cashback was shown as declined. I reckoned that was because I had cancelled the original policy. But I did think that the tracking system would have picked up that I had made another purchase.

A few weeks later, I finally got around to lodging a missing cashback claim with TopCashBack.co.uk, adding a note to explain the issue.

The following day I received the message below from TopCashBack.co.uk.

“The claim is currently at ‘Ready to Submit’ Status, please could you be aware that we submit claims in batches every few weeks and you will receive a message informing you when yours has been sent. We then have to wait for a response from the merchant, this may take 2 – 3 months, but we will write back when we have any updates.”

I thought that seemed like an excessively long time for a dispute to be investigated.

A few days later, I received an email from TopCashBack.co.uk to say that my case had been forwarded to the merchant.

Three months later, I received a message that the cashback on the Aviva travel insurance had been declined. There was no clear explanation of why this decision had been made, I’ve copied the message received below, which lists several possible reasons.

“We have recently heard back as regards to the status of your Missing CashBack Claim.

I’m afraid that the merchant has taken the decision to decline your missing commission claim, no information in helping to clarify as to why this decision has been reached has been provided but we would like to provide some possible reasons…

• The merchant could not prove that your queried transaction has been the result of a Top CashBack referral, and therefore is not eligible for a commission (or cashback) payment.
• The merchant does not feel that you have met their terms for qualifying for cashback.
• There may have been another entity involved prior to or during your transaction that your commission may have been awarded to, as they may have been marked as the referrer to this.
• The merchant is not happy with the validity of your transaction.
• The merchant believes that you have already received the correct amount of cashback in response to this transaction.

• The merchant may not have been able to locate your queried transaction, based on the information that you have supplied (especially that in which you have provided as your main ‘Order number’).

Whilst no reason has been communicated on this occasion, when a claim is declined there is invariably a solid reason for this.

We are sorry that we have not been able to recover anything for you on this occasion.”

I was annoyed that it took three months to investigate my claim and email the generic response. I believe that there was no good reason to decline the £9.45 cashback on my Aviva travel insurance purchase.

My Tips to Reduce the Chance of Declined Cashback

  • Carefully read all terms and conditions before buying the product or service. When I applied for a C0-operative Bank current account through TopCashBack.co.uk, the cashback didn’t track. I couldn’t submit a missing cashback claim, as I hadn’t adhered to the terms and conditions by taking a note of the date and time of my account application and the quote confirmation number generated by the application.
  • Double check that you have entered all the correct information when making the purchase. This reduces the risk of having to cancel the original purchase. Iff I had entered my dates of travel correctly on my original Aviva travel insurance claim, I think that I would have received the £9.45 cashback.
  • Take a screenshot of the page on TopCashback.co.uk. Then you have proof of the cashback on offer at the time of booking.
  • Give a detailed explanation, with all relevant information, dates etc. of why you are lodging a missing cashback claim.