Three Mobile SIM Only Plans Offer Double the Tethering Limit of Contracts

Written by Karen Bryan

three mobileI find tethering (creating a personal WiFi hotspot using your mobile phone to connect other devices) to be really handy. I can never rely on getting a decent WiFi signal when I stay in a hotel, so I often need to use tethering to get online with my netbook. Tethering is also handy for uploading photos to Flickr from my camera.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a plan which allows unlimited tethering. Neither Three Mobile’s All You Can Eat Data £15 Add-on or giffgaff’s £18 unlimited internet goodybag allow tethering.

One of the best options for tethering appears to be a Three Mobile SIM Only Plan. New all-you-can-eat SIM only plans offer a monthly limit of 4GB of data for tethering.. Whereas, if you opt for a new all-you-can-eat data Three Mobile monthly phone contract, you only get 2GB of data for tethering per month.

I’m not sure why Three Mobile have created this differentiation. It seems unfair to phone contract customers. I assume it is to absorb some of the cost of the handsets included either free or below the normal retail price with new phone contracts.