Review of Zanussi ZWH7149P Washing Machine

Written by Karen Bryan

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zanussi washing machineOur Bosch washing machine konked out after almost 9 years of use. Having been very happy with the low prices and free next day delivery offered by when we replaced our fridge freezer earlier this year, I started my search for a new washing machine on their website.

We were looking for a pretty basic washing machine, but it needed to fit into the space in our kitchen. We weren’t bothered about a fast spin speed, as my husband reckons that high spin speeds shorten the life of the appliance and we find that clothes come out too crushed.

We wanted a machine that had a rinse hold option. This suspends the wash load in the water of the final rinse, so you can spin at a convenient time.

The Zanussi ZWH7149P, priced at £239, appeared to fit the bill. It had a top spin speed of 1400rpm, but the options to reduce that to 900rpm or 700rpm. The 7kg drum was a bonus so we could wash larger loads. The machine is rated A++ for energy efficiency. not that I know what that means for our usage.

Although next day anytime delivery from was free, it cost £30 if you wished to have the delivery crew install the machine. My husband did the installation himself. As repeat customers, we were offered free disposal of our old machine, which usually costs £10.

The 40 degree cotton wash cycle, which we use most frequently, takes a rather long 2 hours and 22 minutes to complete. It makes me wonder why there are so many options on washing machines, as we’ve only ever used a couple.

The wash quality seems good. Quite often the clothes came out of previous washing machine feeling that they hadn’t been properly rinsed.

We’ve stuck to the 900 spin speed.  We use the start delay option frequently to start the wash around 5am, so we can spin it before breakfast. This allows us to maximise outside drying time.

Overall we’re very happy with the Zanussi ZWH7149P washing machine and think it was good value for money at £239.