National Counties Pays Fixed Rate of 1.9% on 8 Month Bond

Written by Karen Bryan

uk notesThe National Counties Building Society is offering a fixed rate of 1.9% on its 53rd Issue Savings Bond on a minimum deposit of £10,000. The current top paying 12 month fixed rate account, from BM Savings, pays a lower rate of 1.85%.

With the September 2014 rate of inflation (CPI) at 1.2%, basic rate taxpayers could net a rate of 1.52% on the National Counties account, giving them a small real return of just over 0.3%.

With a rise in the Bank of England base rate now looking like it’s been pushed back for a good few months, an 8 month fix until 30 June 2015 looks like a good bet.

If interested, I suggest that you open a National Counties 8 month fixed rate account as soon as possible, as best buy accounts are often closed to new subscriptions after a few days.

Rates of interest correct on 22 October 2014.