Save Money by Regularly Reviewing Services

Written by Karen Bryan

£20 notes close up1 240You can save money by being on the lookout for deals and axing services that you no longer use or need. With so many household  bills now being paperless and paid by direct debit and auto-renewals on insurance policies, it’s all too easy to keep paying too much for your living expenses. I’ll illustrate how being on the ball can reduce your living costs with a few recent personal experiences.

I’d been paying £3.50 a month for BT Call Sign. This service gives you an additional phone number. When this number if called,, there’s a different ring tome. I used this to give me a separate business phone number. However, as I’m an online publisher most of my communication is carried out through emails. As I have a mobile phone, I decided to give that as a my business number.

When our home insurance was due, I saved £34 by getting an online quote instead of accepting the renewal price from Direct Line.  Although I could have found cheaper home insurance with another company, Direct Line Plus offers a high level of cover and included annual worldwide travel cover. Insurance companies are relying on your lack of action to boost their profits, so make sure that you shop around.

You can boost your savings by purchasing all types of services through the links on a cashback site such as My advice is too only use cashback sites once you have found the best deal, as payment of cashback is never 100% certain.

Making the time to research deals and going online to check your recent bills and direct debits can save you money.