BT Line Saver

Written by Karen Bryan

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Update 28 September 2015 – The price of BT Line Saver has massively increased since I wrote this article. In January 2014 cost £141 for 12 months line rental paid upfront. From 20 September 2015, it’ll cost £194.28. That is an increase of £53, equating to 37% in an 20 month period during which the rate of inflation in the UK has been well under 2%. How can BT justify this massive hike?

As the cheapest phone and broadband deals aren’t usually available in our area, I did my annual phone call to BT to ask for a discount. This brought the price of our line rental, unlimited anytime landline calls, unlimited home broadband and BT Openzone WiFi down to £34 a month. However, it tied me into a 12 month contract.

As soon as that discount was processed, I went online to sign up for BT Line Saver. By paying in advance for 12 months line rental, you save £50 over the year. Monthly line rental usually costs £15.99, which comes to £191.88 for a year. You pay £141 upfront for Line Saver. That brought our monthly landline, calls, broadband and WiFi package down to £30 a month.

It’s a good idea to sign up for BT Line Saver at the same time as you get a discount, as both tie you in for 12 months. Then if you find a better deal with another supplier in 12 months time, you can move without penalty.

As you can pay for Line Saver by credit card without any additional fee, I used my Tesco 18 Month 0% on Purchases Credit Card. This will allow me to earn interest on what I spend on that credit card over the next 18 months, minus the minimum monthly credit card payment of the higher of 1% of balance  or £25.