Spot the Chicken in the Chicken Balti Pies from Aldi

Written by Karen Bryan

We bought some ‘Shire Famous Pies’ Balti Chicken Pies (made with 100% chicken breast) from Aldi as a change to our winter diet; we thought that a pie with such a spicy chicken filling sounded like an interesting and unusual combination. Certainly the picture on the outside of the packet looked pretty enticing.

aldi chicken balti pie illustration

After the recommended cooking time we sat down for lunch, only to discover that between us (2 people, 4 pies) we had a grand total of 8 small pieces of chicken swimming in the sauce.

aldi chicken balti pie illustration vs reality

Now, we estimated that, even being generous, these small pieces of chicken did not amount to more than 10 grammes in total.

aldi chicken balti pie ingredients

As each pack of two pies weighed 390 grammes and the ingredients stated a chicken content of 15%, there should have been 117 grammes of chicken between the four pies. It certainly looked like nothing like what was shown on the packet.

Which made us wonder, how exactly did the chicken (pieces) get away?

Come on then Aldi, we’d like some sort of rational explanation for the lack of chicken in these ‘Shires (In)Famous Pies’.

Needless to say that, since we did not get our daily protein provided in our lunch, we had to make alternative, hasty arrangements (don’t even ask!)

Bon appetit!