How to Find Cheap London Theatre Tickets

Written by Karen Bryan

lost boy ticketA few days before going on my London on the cheap trip, I saw an ad for cheap London theatre tickets priced from £10. However, when I clicked through, it turned out that there was an admin fee plus a fulfilment fee added to the ticket price.

This prompted me to do a search for ‘cheap London theatre tickets with no fees’. appeared in the results. I clicked on the ‘tickets under £15’ on the site and had a good trawl through the options. I noticed that a lot of cheap tickets were for shows which have had pretty ropey reviews.

I found a £10 ticket for a balcony seat at  ‘Lost Boy’ (a musical sequel to ‘Peter Pan’) at the Charing Cross Theatre, which had reasonable reviews, for a Tuesday evening.  I also found an £11.50 ticket for ‘The Weir’ (an Irish ghost story) for the Wednesday matinee and a £15 ticket for ‘Let It Be’ (a Beatles musical) for the Monday evening show. As I wanted to make the most of daylight hours, I decided not to go to the theatre in the afternoon and as I’m not a fan of the Beatles, I plumped for ‘Lost Boy’.

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There were also some good offers for combining a theatre ticket with a pre-theatre meal, but not for any of the shows which were of interest to me. I was able to find a £5 Groupon meal deal at a Japanese cafe enroute from my hotel to the Charing Cross Theatre.

Before booking a ‘Lost boy’ ticket on, I had a look at the offers available through the TKTS website. They run the half price theatre ticket booth in Leicester Square. You can buy tickets online for the following couple of days. A ticket for ‘Lost Boy’ cost £18 from TKTS, booking in advance on their site.

Many of the half price tickets are only on sale at the booth on the day of performance. I didn’t want to have to go to Leicester Square on the day to see if I could find a ticket for ‘Lost Boy’, so I bought the £10 ticket on

Sure enough, the £10 quoted was the price that I paid. It was a bit contradictory, because it said above of where you enter your card payment details that there was an additional charge for using a credit card. But under the total price payable, it said that credit card fees were included. I paid by credit card without any additional cost.

You don’t know your seat number until you pick up your ticket at the box office, available from one hour before the performance starts. That puts some people off buying their theatre tickets on

As it happens, I was the only person in the balcony at the Charing Cross Theatre, so selected the seat at the front, which had plenty of leg room and the best (side) view of the stage. There was a safety bar, but as I’m quite tall that didn’t affect me much, especially if I leant forward slightly.

I’ll certainly check out if I’m looking for cheap London theatre tickets in the future, as I didn’t find cheaper tickets for ‘Lost Boy’, ‘The Weir’ or ‘Let It Be’ on any other website.