Don’t Let Love Blind You to Your Partner’s Finances

Written by Karen Bryan

heart made of £1 coinsA recent survey by Luma highlights some of the perils of not being aware of your partner’s finances before getting into a serious relationship. When interviewees were asked what was important in choosing a new partner, more than 50% answered physical appearance, but only 10% answered financial stability.

Only 30% of interviewees had discussed their personal finances before moving in together. That inevitably lead to some nasty surprises, with almost 30% of interviewees later discovering that their partner was in debt and nearly 13% had county court judgments and bank defaults. These types of financial issues can lead to being turned down for a joint mortgage or bank account.

So how to should you approach discussing finances with a new partner? It’s hard to say how soon you should start talking about money. In some ways, the earlier the better, so you know what could be in store for the future. In other ways, you want to get to know the person first, to decide if you want this to become a serious relationship.

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You may say that if you fall in love, you won’t let finances stand in the way. However, if you don’t have money to cover living expenses and/or could risk losing your home, could the relationship truly flourish?

However, there’s a possibility that even if you do broach the money topic, your partner may not disclose all aspects of their finances, partly due to fear of you ending the relationship and/or embarrassment.