Why Do Currys Bother Having Shops?

Written by Karen Bryan

currysWhen one of the keys on my Samsung laptop fell apart on a Saturday afternoon, I decided to buy a new keyboard. I went online to check which keyboards were sold by Argos and Currys, the two most likely local retailers.

I didn’t go for the cheapest option costing £5.99 at Argos, but for a Logitech K120 which had excellent reviews.  The local Argos had one in stock, which I reserved for pick up. Currys had the Logitech at the reduced price of £7.50. However, when I selected the pick up in store option, the keyboard wasn’t going to be available until after 5pm on the Sunday. I assumed this meant that Currys didn’t have the keyboard in stock, but it would be delivered to the store the following day. Now as the store is only open 10.30am to 4.30pm on Sundays, I assumed that meant Monday morning. Why not say pick up from opening time on Monday then?

Now what is the point in Currys having a store in Berwick upon Tweed if they don’t keep any stock, they’d be as well just offering an online catalogue service.