Halifax Cashback Extras

Written by Karen Bryan

halifax logoHalifax Cashback Extras is a new way for customers to earn cashback on purchases made with a Halifax debit or credit card.

You need to go into Halifax online banking to activate Halifax Cashback Extras by scrolling down the right hand margin to ‘Account Tools’ and clicking on ‘Cashback Extras’.

Now I hardly use the debit card that comes with my Halifax Reward Current Account. I always pay by cashback credit card, unless there’s an additional fee for payment by credit card.

I use my Aqua Reward Credit Card as first choice as it pays 3% cashback, up to a maximum of £100 per year. My Halifax Clarity Credit Card is my number two credit card, requiring a minimum spend of £300 a month in order to get £5 cashback.

The Halifax Cashback Extras offers which appear are personalised. When I first activitated Halifax Cashback Extras I had three offers; 12% cashback on Marriott Hotels, 10% cashback on Homebase and 10% on The Body Shop.

I had a quick look at the TopCashBack.co.uk site and it was paying 5% on Marriott Hotels, 3.5% on Homebase and 16% for new customers, 12% for returning customers for The Body Shop. Therefore, Halifax Cashback Extras was the best option for Marriott Hotels and Homebase but TopCashBack was the best for The Body Shop.

It seems that Halifax Cashback Extras is going to complicate things for me. I’ll need to do even more cross referencing to compare the Halifax cashback with what’s on offer from other cashback sites and then factor in how much cashback I’d get from the credit card I’d use for payment.