Worth Pricing Airport Hotel with Parking

Written by Karen Bryan

edinburgh airport parkingIf you’re going away and planning to park your car at the airport, especially if you have a flight which leaves early or returns late and you’ll be away for a couple of weeks, the price of an airport hotel stay including parking may be a similar price to just paying for airport parking.

When we fly to Gran Canaria in early December, we need to be at the airport at 09.40. I thought it was safer to stay at Edinburgh Airport, just in case the weather is bad that morning and to have a more relaxing start to our holiday. We’d need to leave Berwick upon Tweed around 7.30 to allow time to drive to the airport and from the transfer from the car park to the airport.

I’ decided to look at price for Edinburgh Airport hotels with parking and breakfast included. I reckoned that if breakfast at the hotel was a reasonable price, it could be a lot cheaper than buying food at the airport or on the plane.

There are two hotels at Edinburgh Airport, the Hilton and the Quality (now the Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh Airport). The Hilton is the closest to the airport, around a five minute walk and the Quality, around a fifteen minute walk.  Both have a transfer bus for which there’s a charge; £2 return from the Hilton and £1.50 return from the Quality. I think that’s a bit of a cheek,  if you are booking a stay with parking at an airport hotel, the likelihood is that you’ll be going to the airport. If the weather is reasonable we’ll walk, not to save the transfer fee, but to stretch our legs before and after the flight.

The lowest price that I could find for a hotel at Edinburgh Airport including up to 15 days parking and breakfast was £86 for a double room for two at the Quality Hotel Edinburgh Airport on the Superbreak site. The lowest price without breakfast was £76. I thought that £5 per person for breakfast was a good price.

Out of interest, I checked out the price for 15 days parking at Edinburgh Airport, the cheapest was at the Flying Scot for £80. That price included transfer to and from the airport. There was a Meet and Greet option for £70, but I’m wary about these services after my aunt’s car was written off when it was being driven back to the airport. I also wonder how long you might have to wait for the driver to turn up.

Therefore, it’s virtually the same price to stay at the Quality hotel including 15 days parking on a room only basis – £79 when you add the £1.50 per person transfer fee, as the price of £80 to park at the Flying Scot.