Use Your Three Mobile UK Allowance Abroad Free in 16 Countries

Written by Karen Bryan

three mobileThree’s ‘Feel at Home’ scheme offers all their customers, whatever tariff or plan they’re on,  free use of their UK allowance in sixtten countries; Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Republic of Ireland, France, and Sweden.

Three say that you won’t need to do anything to set up ‘Feel at Home’, it’ll all happen automatically when your phone’s switched on upon arrival in a participating country.

I have a Three Moble 12GB PAYG 12 month SIM card. I only wish that Spain was included in the Three ‘Feel at Home’ list, as I’ll be in Gran Canaria in December.  Instead, I’ll have to activate Vodafone Euro Traveller, costing £3 a day, in order to use my UK allowance abroad.

Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to tether (where you use your mobile phone to transit a wifi signal which you can use to get online with other devices) during connection to Three’s ‘Feel at Home’.