Review of Skoda Fabia SE 1.6TDI 75bhp

Written by Karen Bryan

skoda fabiaIn June 2013, while the Skoda Zero VAT offer was still running, we ordered a new Skoda Fabia SE 1.6TDI 75bhp.  The final price for the car was just under £11,000, minus the £1,000 part exchange allowance for our 54 plate Skoda Fabia 1.4TDI.

After three months of ownership, here’s my review of the Skoda Fabia SE 1.6TDI

It was great to have air-conditioning over the (by UK standards) hot Summer. I assume that maintaining the air-conditioning will increase the servicing costs.

The interior feels more spacious, especially in the front passesnger seat. We find that the driver’s seat doesn’t go down as far as my husband would like and his knees are a bit too close to the bottom right corner of the CD player.

Although the 1.6 diesel engine doesn’t feel much more powerful than the previous 1.4, you can change up gears more quickly. This is most noticeable in town driving. The engine on the new Fabia diesel is a bit quieter than in the previous model.

The advertised average miles per gallon for a Skodia Fabia 1.6 diesel is 67, which is exactly what we achieved in our 1.4 model. So far we’ve only achieved a disappointing 63 mpg. Now this could be partly due to the air-conditioning, we’ll find out once Summer is over.

It’s handy to be able to adjust the wing mirrors electrically from the driver’s side.

My husband has decided not to buy roof bars for the new car. On the previous Fabia, the roof bars were secured by anchors in the plastic drainage strip along the sides of the roof. In the new model, these anchors are inside the door. As the door has rubber seals, he feels that we could get water seepage into the car during wet weather.

The absence of the plastic drainage strips means that if you open the window or door during or after wet weather you get a little shower.

I thought it was a disgrace that a spare wheel wasn’t included, only a puncture repair kit. We paid an extra £55 for a spare wheel.

We’re hoping that the Skoda Fabia 1.6TDI SE will be as reliable as our previous Fabia. Time will tell.